Workflows in detail

Here’s a collection of videos showing in detail the M-Files Workflow process.

What are Workflows

What are workflows?

Workflows help automate business processes. In this article we describe the features of M-Files workflows to help you understand exactly what workflows are.

Automate your business processes with workflows by M-Files

M-Files enables your business to streamline important processes and workflows. From simple document requests and updates, to advanced review and approval processes.
M-Files has a built in workflow engine and it is easy to use. Implementing business processes is simple. Business can create processes that require steps, actions and conditions. Users can be notified via email on any action within the process. Plus documents and objects can be added to a used electronic to do list. There are many ways to create business workflows with M-Files. Each process also has simple to understand statuses. So documents and processes can be tracked and advanced to the next step with a single click.
Version history keeps track of all the document and workflow history. Workflows also use meta data which makes it easier to evaluate the effectiveness of the workflow. Is the process easy to execute? Is it saving time? These questions will be answered with M-Files version history for workflows. Business processes and workflows can also be improved. M-Files come with reporting features that make it easy to monitor processes. From here business owners can easily optimise processes and identify issues.
Workflows can also be setup to utilise permissions. This allows only certain users, such as supervisors to advanced the next step. This ensures important processes are always correct and ready for the next stage. A good example: an agreement or contract approval process can only be advanced by the owner of the document. This can all be easily defined the workflow or document metadata. Plus business workflows can be setup for full compliance. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 or GMP EU Annex 11, workflow state transitions can be set to require digital signatures for compliance.

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