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The M-Files document management software system is a completely customised and scalable solution. Whether you need a simple system that allows you to file and find information instantly, or a completely customised and feature rich system that manages your whole office.

M-Files is the system you have been looking for. M-Files gives you the ability to capture all incoming and outgoing information into one location quickly and easily. From there you can find what you need instantly. Instead of looking in Outlook, Explorer or a CRM, you can find everything you need all in one place and in seconds instead of minutes. To get more, deploy M-Files comprehensively and it will look after all the actionable items you do with your information. From assignments, automated workflows, compliance management to leave applications, project management and reporting.

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Everything you need, all in one place

Access your documents from your network, the cloud or from any mobile device

Our Document Management System M-Files can be deployed over your local or wide area network, on an existing cloud or the M-Files cloud hosted with Microsoft Azure, and access all your files via any mobile device using the M-Files apps.

Looks and feels like Windows Explorer

With that familiar look and feel, using M-files is a breeze from day one. There is also seamless integration across Microsoft Office.

Built in CRM with Workflows

Customised workflows, assignments, reporting and project management tools make day to day information management easy. M-Files can link with your existing CRM or become your CRM. All of your information and knowledge all in one place

Reduce overheads and stress

By taking advantage of our Document Management System, many overheads are reduced. Staff stress levels are also greatly reduced so you can focus on completing the important work instead of looking for information across many platforms.

Our Document Management System is trusted by our clients

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Testimonial by  from
Jemma O'Neill Cradle Coast Authority

Karen is so awesome! She has inspired me to create an AMAZING M-Files.

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