Registered Training Organisations


Who, what, where, when?

RTOs can be overwhelmed with many challenges, from keeping up with student files and course information, training standards, as well as staying on top of what is needed for compliance. It can be hard to stay abreast of the ongoing requirements and what needs to be done to make this happen.

M-Files can help by having the information you need at your fingertips as well as keeping abreast of what needs to be done with customised workflows.

A system that will integrate and work with VETrak, RTOmanager and Novacore, just to name a few. This means all of your information and knowledge is in a one stop shop.

Not enough of you to go around?

Keeping on top of student records can be time consuming as well as frustrating, especially if someone else has been in the file before you. M-Files can streamline this, by having what you need, when you need it at your fingertips.

Automatic reminders can also be set so important dates don’t get missed. No more wasted time, it is all about being able to get more done with the time you have. With a click, you will be able see what other courses students have completed and have reminders when they are due for renewal.

Enabling you to meet client demands and provide a high level of service, M-Files will take the frustration out of managing tasks by automating them in a simplified manner. Take the hassle out of staying on top of compliance requirements.

M-Files will have information brought together for auditors in minutes as well as reminding you of tasks that need to be completed.


Time to take back control of your work life

We seem to have less and less time to do what we need and want to do. M-Files will greatly increase your productivity, giving you more time to spend on increasing your business success as well as personal time for doing the things you love.

Being time poor is a choice, now there is a solution. M-Files will help manage your time by streamlining your processes and eliminating the non-productive, time wasting things that often make up a large portion of a day.

All at an affordable price point with many options to meet any budget.

Click on one of the buttons below to get a free trial or an instant quote. As a registered training organisation, you will be impressed with the small outlay and ease of use.

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Jemma O'Neill Cradle Coast Authority

Karen is so awesome! She has inspired me to create an AMAZING M-Files.

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