Saving Documents in M-Files

Saving documents in our document management software, M-Files, is easy. Because M-Files is built right in to Windows, you can save a new document you’re working on from any programme.

The M-Files toolbar in Microsoft Office enables you to quickly save your documents to the M-Files vault.

In other applications, just save the document the same way you always have.

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Saving Documents in M-Files

Adding documents that are already on your computer to the M-Files vault is easy.  Just right-click on the file and choose add to M-Files or simply drag-and-drop documents into the vault.   The M-Files toolbar in Microsoft Office enables you to quickly save your document to the M-Files vault in any other Windows application like Adobe, Acrobat, QuickBooks or AutoCAD.  Just save the same way you always have, then enter some basic information about what the document is.  Whether it’s a sales invoice or marketing material, add a quick description summarizing the file and click create.  If you need to save e-mails from Microsoft Outlook that’s easy too.  Eliminate technology headaches and free up time to focus on the important things.  That’s just one of the ways you can experience the magic of M-Files.

For more information on how to save documents in M-Files, watch the video below:

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