History of Meta data

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History of Metadata

One of the world’s oldest written documents might be a seven-thousand-year-old ceramic slab with text. The Library of Alexandria was the greatest library of its time and hosted about 500,000 Scrolls. The library burned down and nearly all the data was lost in 1436. Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in Europe and the amount of stored data began to grow. The amount of data produced over time up until the year 2003 is the same amount of data that is now produced every two days in 2020. The amount of data per person will be 5200 gigabytes and the amount of data will double every two years. By 2025 the amount of created data will reach 163 zettabytes. This is 163 followed by 2100. To have of all data stored is considered to be dark data. Dark data’s found in data repositories but has not yet been analysed or processed. 42% of all electronically stored data is data that is useful for your business. This is a massive amount of data that needs to be processed to find what is relevant. What does all this content chaos mean for your business?
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