Workflows in M-Files

Manually monitoring processes can be tedious and time consuming.

In M-Files, workflows are set up for common tasks like approving agreements or reviewing documents.

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Workflows in M-Files

Andy works in the legal department at his company.  He’s in charge of reviewing all delivery agreements before they’re accepted and signed.  Manually monitoring that process to make sure everything gets done is tedious and time-consuming.  In M-Files workflows are set up for common tasks, like approving those agreements.  John in sales saves a delivery agreement to M-Files.  It automatically corresponds to the contract approval workflow which starts out as a draft that John completes.  As soon as he’s done with the draft, he changes the state to waiting for approval and he receives an email letting him know there’s a new delivery agreement that needs his attention.  He approves it and a pdf version of the final document is automatically created and saved to M-Files.  Spend less time monitoring contracts and more time doing the things that will grow your business.  M-Files automated workflows, they’re just one of the ways you can experience the magic of M-Files.

For more information on how M-Files contributes to your workflow process, watch the video below:

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