Leveraging M-Files for Effective Knowledge Management

Introduction Knowledge management is a critical aspect of modern organisations, as it involves capturing, organising, and distributing knowledge to improve decision-making, collaboration, and overall efficiency. As businesses generate vast amounts of information, it becomes essential to have robust systems in place to manage and harness this knowledge effectively. M-Files, a powerful document management and enterprise […]

ABBYY and M-files – A Collaborative Partnership to Accelerate Enterprise Digital Business Transformations

ABBYY Integrations Bolster AI-powered Intelligent Information Management Solutions for Joint Customers ABBYY®, a global leader in enterprise content IQ, has strengthened technology alliance with M-Files, the intelligent information management company, that will boost AI-driven document management offerings for shared customers. ABBYY is an M-Files Certified Application Partner (CAP) following the release of its FlexiCapture Connector […]

Streamlining Document Management and Ensuring Compliance: The Benefits of M-Files and Auditing

Introduction In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient document management and maintaining regulatory compliance are paramount. Organisations need to be able to organise, track, and secure their files while ensuring that they adhere to industry regulations. This is where M-Files and auditing play a crucial role. M-Files, a powerful document management system, combined with rigorous auditing […]

M-Files approach to Security and Compliance

M-Files is a document management and information governance platform that provides various security features to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Here are some key security features offered by M-Files: 1. Access Control: M-Files offers granular access control mechanisms to restrict user access to documents and other information. Access permissions can be […]

M-Files Security Information in a Nutshell

Information security and privacy are of essential importance at M-Files. Our approach towards security and compliance have been summarised in this document along with the organizational and technical controls implemented to keep your data and information safe. Our Commitments: We maintain security principles within the fundamental designs of the Service. M-Files is designed to permit […]

5 Ways HR Can Ditch Paper & Manage Information Better

A recent survey carried out by M-Files showed that paper is still a burden for most businesses. 81 % of the people surveyed confessed to printing out at least one document a day in the office, with 55 % of organisations still using manual, paper-based processes for capturing signatures and approving documents. With the paper still being […]

Enterprise Content Management – Leverage the Power, Lose the Complexity

High-value Ecm Starts With the Right Foundation, Including a System That Minimizes Complexity Ask a group of business executives about the top-three drivers for enterprise content management (ECM) software deployments, and cost reductions will often top the list. Cost reductions can only be accurately assessed, however, by considering ease of deployment and the end-user adoption […]

M-Files Across Education

Document management solution designed for all staff working in the education sector. Where is That Student’s Folder? Something that you won’t hear again as everything you need is available instantly. The whole system has extensive security settings so only authorised people can see what they are allowed to see. Editable rights are also set so […]

How to Start, Manage and Implement an ECM Project

Introduction This guide works as a practical tool to remind you of topics and steps to consider when planning to implement an Enterprise Content Management solution like M-Files. The guide is divided into three main sections: before, during, and after a technical implementation project. With an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) implementation project — like any […]

7 Ways Tighter Information Management Can Streamline Operations for Real Estate Organisations

Real estate companies are responsible for an immense amount of content on any given day. Throughout the week, employees may find themselves passing financial data, demographic information, and confidential contracts back and forth so often that it’s no wonder many of them haven’t found an efficient strategy for cataloguing it all. Different departments may use […]