7 Ways Tighter Information Management Can Streamline Operations for Real Estate Organisations

Real estate companies are responsible for an immense amount of content on any given day. Throughout the week, employees may find themselves passing financial data, demographic information, and confidential contracts back and forth so often that it’s no wonder many of them haven’t found an efficient strategy for cataloging it all. Different departments may use […]

A Repository Agnostic Approach to ECM

Today’s Business Information Environment: Complicated, Chaotic and Exploding Managing business information is more complicated today than ever. The amount of data is exploding—according to The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research, the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia, over 90 % of the world’s data has been generated in the last two years—and it’s not slowing […]

Automating Business Processes And Document-related Workflows Is Crucial To Digital Transformation

Information management, business processes, and business systems need to be aligned to improve efficiency, customer experience, compliance, and to put content in context. Document-intensive processes need to be digitised. The reason is simple: digitalisation improves the customer journey and experience and enhances your organisation’s competitive advantage. Furthermore, a digital workplace not only supports process owners, […]

Information Management On Mobile Devices

Information at every company is growing — the quantity of documents, version control and various data stores all present unique problems and no two tactics for document management are the same. Now attempt to take those challenges on the road with some version of document management on mobile devices and the issues compound. It sounds […]

Reduce Supply Chain and Compliance Complexities with Enterprise Information Management

EIM Helps Manufacturers Streamline Backward Traceability, Drive Quality Management and Ensure Regulatory Compliance Across the Supply Chain  The business of tracking information, materials and financials as they move across the supply chain has long been riddled with complexities. This is especially true for manufacturers managing quality and regulatory compliance activities across global business entities, systems […]

The Driving Force Behind Governance, Risk, And Compliance

Introduction For companies in highly regulated industries, information management is a critical component of compliance. Quality and compliance requirements permeate an organization by necessity, not only due to myriad laws, regulations, and ‘Good Practice’ standards, but also because of the fact that most organizations strive to improve operational excellence, organization, clarity, transparency, and accountability. The […]

ABBYY and M-Files Strengthen Collaborative Partnership to Accelerate Enterprise Digital Business Transformations

New ABBYY integrations bolster AI-powered intelligent information management solutions for joint customers ABBYY®, a global leader in enterprise content IQ, has announced a strengthened technology alliance with M-Files, the intelligent information management company, that will boost AI-driven document management offerings for shared customers.  ABBYY has become an M-Files Certified Application Partner (CAP) following the release […]

The State Of Information Management In The Construction Industry

Introduction Contractors manage a lot of moving parts on a daily — if not hourly — basis: from crews on the job site and subcontractors to equipment, materials and continuously changing conditions. Not to mention, they need to make sure all parts of a job are completed according to specifications. Their profitability depends on their […]

How Pervasive Are Document Management Challenges?

Introduction The way organizations manage company information sits at the crossroads of just about all business processes. Day after day and week after week, employees are wasting a significant amount of time dealing with the myriad of challenges related to working with company documents — across the entire document lifecycle. That wasted time is a […]