Streamlining HR Processes Using M-Files

The HR Information Management Challenge Organisations today are inundated with an growing amounts of information. Whether it’s content created in the office, or documents and files received from customers, partners and suppliers, many companies are drowning in information that grows bigger and bigger each day. Your HR department may have paper employee records and contracts […]

Information ISO 9001:2015 is here. Manufacturers, are you ready?

About ISO 9001 The ISO 9001 standard related to quality management systems helps businesses better serve their customers and consistently provide products and services that meet both customer and regulatory requirements. More than a million businesses and suppliers have been certified as ISO 9001 compliant, and there are many reasons why businesses continue to join […]

Information Silos Are Proliferating – And Businesses Are Struggling To Manage Them

Document M-Files and an independent research firm surveyed hundreds of professionals and found that most companies suffer from inefficiencies, inaccuracies and security risks due to the proliferation of “information silos.” So Many Information Silos, So Little Visibility Which of the following does your company use to manage and store its documents and other information? 38% […]

M-Files Across Education

Document management solution designed for all working in educations Where is that student’s folder? Something that you won’t hear again as everything you need is available instantly. The whole system has extensive security setting so only the authorised person can see what they are allowed to see. Editable rights are also set so some get […]

Information Chaos vs Information Opportunity

34 immediate actions to meet business challenges Information is the world’s new currency. Read just about any business publication and you will quickly conclude that how an organisation manages its information assets is now just as fundamental a source of competitive differentiation as how it manages its physical assets, its human assets, and its financial […]

The Key To Business Success Is Exceeding Client Expectations

I was interviewed recently by Bam Creative In the interview I am asked about my experience as a solution provider to SME’s You can read the interview here For more information on how we can help your organisation please email: or visit

The Biggest Killer for Business – Time Inefficiency

The biggest killer to small to medium business is time inefficiencies Let me explain the challenges and the solution: As a productivity expert for over 20 years I have found that there is so much time wasted each day due to inefficient information management. In Australia we have some of the longest weekly working hours, […]

Karen Ellyard – M-Files Lead Trainer

Staff in review Karen has been a productivity consultant for over 20 years and has extensive knowledge of M-Files and associated document management solutions. Karen is a skilled analyst and problem solver dedicated to finding elegant solutions to complex problems and prides herself on her determination, strong communication skills and her knowledge of client needs. […]

M-Files For Accountants

Document management solution designed for accountants When working in the number crunching industries, firms face many challenges when it comes to managing the vast amounts of data you need each day. The work you do is critical and mistakes are rarely tolerated. When you consider that the information you use comes in many forms, from […]

M-Files Enterprise Content Management

Leverage the Power, Lose the Complexity Ask a group of business executives about the top-three drivers for enterprise content management (ECM system) software deployments, and cost reductions will often top the list. Many ECM solutions are cumbersome and complex, and the time and costs associated with deploying them can be inhibitive. As business users have […]