The Importance of Metadata in a Digital World

Data is king in today’s digital world. There’s data everywhere you look, and tech companies are continuously finding new ways to mine new insights and analyse data differently. To that end, metadata plays a key role in shaping how information moves throughout the internet. HowStuffWorks defines metadata as “machine-readable data that describe other data.” If […]

Reduce Supply Chain and Compliance Complexities with Enterprise Information Management

EIM Helps Manufacturers Streamline Backward Traceability, Drive Quality Management and Ensure Regulatory Compliance Across the Supply Chain The business of tracking information, materials, and financials as they move across the supply chain has long been riddled with complexities. This is especially true for manufacturers managing quality and regulatory compliance activities across global business entities, systems, […]

How to Streamline your Business Processes using a Document Management System

Introduction  Small businesses today are inundated with information—including content created internally as well as documents and files received from customers, partners, and suppliers. Without an information management framework, time is wasted searching through file folders and various business systems for business-critical documents. This is often compounded by the proliferation of multiple versions of the same […]

Today’s Biggest Challenges in the Professional Services Industry (and How to Solve them)

As businesses embrace the digital revolution, serving a larger base of customers and performing simple tasks should become more efficient. However, going digital has its own set of challenges that require a unique set of solutions. In a previous blog post, Peter Ellyard mentioned how digital transformation requires putting a greater focus on effective information […]

Connect & Optimise Office 365 With Intelligent Information Management

Accelerate Office 365 Use Make Microsoft Office 365 the single access point to all enterprise data. Microsoft Office 365 is designed to improve employee and customer engagement. However, despite the fast adoption of Office 365, old habits die hard and employees still stick to their old ways of working with file shares and network folders. […]

2 Vital Keys to Remaining Competitive for Professional Services Firms

Why Do Professional Services Firms Need To Embrace The New Economy? As Tim ’Reilly wrote in his recent bestseller WTF?: What’s the Future and Why It’s Up to Us the new economy’s business model relies upon on-demand services and access to talent, automation, and incredible user experience. Tech companies typically already function within this model. […]

Nucleus Research Value Matrix Report

M-Files Earns Highest Leadership Position in 2020 Nucleus Research Content Management Technology Value Matrix Report  Top recognition for usability and functionality solidifies M-Files as leader for seventh consecutive year  M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, today announced it has been named a “Leader” in the 2020 Nucleus Research Content Management Technology Value Matrix Report. […]

Why Organise with Document Metadata?

Document Metadata, What Is It? Document metadata is descriptive data that labels a piece of information and provides meaning to what that piece of information is. Metadata IS NOTHING NEW In case you think metadata is for technically oriented people only, you might be surprised to know that you use something like metadata every day. […]