Case Study – Real Estate Authority Improves Legal Advice and Complaints Outcomes with M-files

New Zealand’s Real Estate Authority (REA) is the independent government agency that regulates the NZ real estate industry. REA promotes public confidence and high standards of professionalism in the real estate industry while protecting the interests of buyers and sellers of property. REA provides independent information and guidance as well as carrying out professional disciplinary, […]

Combining Microsoft office 365 and M-Files

Introduction Microsoft Office 365, which became generally available in the summer of 2011, is undoubtedly one of the most popular SaaS applications, used by businesses of all sizes and in all industries, all around the world. Office 365 has really become the defacto software for businesses. There are 155 million monthly active business users of […]

Simplify Information Governance & Minimize Risk with M-Files + Microsoft Teams

Introduction Microsoft Teams is the platform launched in 2017 as a tool for collaboration and communication, bundled with Office 365. Today, Teams boasts 20 million daily active users, with estimated usage by more than 500,000 organizations in 181 countries. Microsoft’s vision is to make Teams the definitive app where work happens, bringing together all the […]

Austbrokers Case Study

Austbrokers Countrywide’s Digital Transformation Initiative With M-Files Leads to Higher Lead Conversion Rates Austbrokers Countrywide is a medium-sized insurance brokerage established in 1952. With more than 80 staff members across several specialty business units, Austbrokers Countrywide has more than 15,000 clients. It’s backed by the AUB Group and its 50 insurance brokerages and underwriting agencies. […]

Document Management White Paper

This white paper outlines what document management is and what benefits you should expect to see. Including the essentials of a document management solution which are permanent, accurate storage, batch scanning of incoming documents, Intelligent data capture, Integration with popular accounting packages and more.  Introduction Despite increased levels of interest in activity-based management and process-based […]

3 Ways to Increase Trust and Retain Business for Accounting Firms

Long gone are the times when clients mostly just expected their accountants to organize a collection of scattered paper documents into completed tax forms or financial statements. In fact, the proliferation of business software and self-help services have reduced much of that tedium but also turned some of these tasks into commodities. Clients expect more […]

4 Accounting Industry Digital Transformation Challenges

(and How Information Management Instantly Solves All of Them) In the past decade, as our habits have been completely overturned by newer and more affordable technology and the way we approach work has shifted following big societal changes, many industries have seen their fundamentals shaken. Companies had to rethink the way they do business to […]

The Process for Building a Business Consulting Project with an Incredible Customer Experience

Already Competitive, Business Consultants Face Plenty of Disruption and Opportunities According to, corporations all across the globe rely on over 700,000 consulting firms to help them with accounting, strategic and operational planning, HR, IT, marketing, and project management. From high-level planning to helping companies scale with outsourced talent, business consulting has grown into a […]

5 Ways Information Management Platforms Produce Deep Value for Business Consulting Companies

State of the Business Consulting Industry The business consulting sector is a $300 billion industry. IBISWorld reports a total of about 774,000 firms in the USA alone. It’s an immense industry and it’s growing. But it’s about to be disrupted. According to IBISWorld, “The [Professional Services] industry is in the mature stage of its life […]