Why Organise with Document Metadata?

Document Metadata, What Is It? Document metadata is descriptive data that labels a piece of information and provides meaning to what that piece of information is. Metadata IS NOTHING NEW In case you think metadata is for technically oriented people only, you might be surprised to know that you use something like metadata every day. […]

How to Improve HR Processes and HR Efficiency

As organizations have become more sophisticated in their quest for productivity and competitiveness, they have increasingly realised that the quality and loyalty of their employees is one of the most important factors. Managing HR processes and compliance requirements effectively can take valuable time and resources away from strategic initiatives, so it is essential for businesses […]

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work Efficiency

What is the best way to work efficiently from home? What are the technology tools needed to maintain continuity and productivity? These have abruptly become pressing questions as employers around the world tell staffers to work remotely. It can be difficult, particularly in small spaces or when other house members are also working from home. […]

5 Practical Examples of Artificial Intelligence Applied to Content Management

Artificial Intelligence For Content Management: What Does It Mean? A Google image search of artificial intelligence (AI) yields tons of semi-opaque heads with brains morphed into circuit boards — mixed in with streams of binary digits reminiscent of The Matrix… and most of these images are unexplainably blue-coloured.  No wonder there’s mixed reports on what […]

Taming Information Sprawl with a Radically New Approach to ECM

Introduction Enterprise content management (ECM) has evolved. Beyond compliance and information governance, organizations are expected to do more with their information than ever before. In addition to the increasingly demanding requirement to quickly find the right information at the right time, business professionals are tasked with exploiting greater potential from their data to gain real […]

M-files For Google G Suite

M-Files for Google G Suite allows you to collaborate efficiently and securely with familiar G Suite applications. It connects Gmail and Google Drive content with other documents and data, giving users the benefit of intelligent metadata and workflows. You gain a secure and easy system of record for document lifecycle management. Automate Document Control And […]

Protection Against Ransomware

In addition to traditional viruses and malware, IT security officers must also protect against ransomware. Ransomware is a specific type of a malware that generally attempts to encrypt data on the victim’s computer and demands the user to pay ransom in exchange of the decryption key. Protection Mechanisms Consider the following aspects for protecting your […]