Ensuring Quality and Compliance with Effective Information Management

Companies that operate in highly regulated and frequently audited environments are often challenged with managing an ever-growing mountain of compliance documentation. In the U.S. alone, there are more than 15,000 federal, state and industry laws, standards and regulations that dictate how long to keep paper and electronic records. THE POTENTIAL COST OF NON-COMPLIANCE IS HIGH […]

The History of Metadata

280BC:ALPHA, BETA … METADATA The first recorded use of metadata dates to the Great Library of Alexandria. Led by Greek grammarian and literary critic Zenodotus, library sta” attached a small dangling tag to the end of each scroll. It contained information on each work’s author, title and subject so that materials could be easily returned […]

Document Management Solution Designed for Legal

Want your legal documents now? We are all under pressure and this is especially so in the legal profession. There are deadlines to meet and great workloads to get through. Everything needs to be documented, version controlled and managed to achieve the required outcomes. Talk about information overload. What if we could use the technology […]

Fed Up Filing

5 Ways HR Can Ditch the Paper & Manage Information Better A recent survey carried out by M-Files showed that paper is still a burden for the majority of businesses. 81% of the people surveyed confessed to printing out at least one document a day in the office, with 55% of organisations still using manual, […]

Easy Document Management

A Guide to Benefits, Features, and Selection Thanks for picking up Easy Document Management. We have prepared this guide for the millions of businesses that have yet to realize the benefits of digital document management, and as a result, have an enormous opportunity to improve their efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Organisations with an overarching system […]

Five Methods to Improve Accounts Payable Visibility and Reporting

A 2014 IOFM survey found that a lack of visibility into invoices and payables documents was the top challenge of senior finance executives. Similarly, 19 percent of senior finance executives cannot effectively manage cash according to current needs, Aberdeen Group reports. This study highlights the fact that a controller’s job depends on fast access to […]

M-Files Makes Automated Contract Management Easy for Any Organisation

M-Files Corporation, a provider of solutions that dramatically improve how organizations manage documents and other information, today announced the immediate availability of M-Files Contract Management, a new solution for organizations that rely on contracts and agreements as an important part of their business. Contracts are a necessary and important component of business relationships and play […]

How to Streamline your Business Processes using Document Management

Introduction Small businesses today are inundated with information—including content created internally as well as documents and files received from customers, partners and suppliers. Without an information management framework, time is wasted searching through file folders and various business systems for business-critical documents. This is often compounded by the proliferation of multiple versions of the same […]

The Business Case For Enterprise Content Management

A Collection of Information Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Research Data showing the Business Case For Enterprise Content Management The Information Management or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market is experiencing rapid growth due to a “perfect storm” of events and technologies that make ECM invaluable. The influx of highly diverse content from a variety […]

M-Files For Financial Planners

Planning for your documents future It’s not just people that need sound planning. Electronic document management software planning is mission critical to the running of a successful financial planning business. From compliance to document retention policies to automated workflows, it all comes together with award winning M-Files. In this video, we explore everything from a […]