5 Ways Information Management Platforms Produce Deep Value for Business Consulting Companies

State of the Business Consulting Industry The business consulting sector is a $300 billion industry. IBISWorld reports a total of about 774,000 firms in the USA alone. It’s an immense industry and it’s growing. But it’s about to be disrupted. According to IBISWorld, “The [Professional Services] industry is in the mature stage of its life […]

How M-Files Mitigates Risk for Accounting Firms

Accounting firms traditionally provide three types of services to their clients: audit or assurance, tax, and consulting services. These services come with inherent business risks that can affect future income and business reputation as well as expose your firm to legal liability. At the base of every operation in accounting, there are documents and how […]

How Accounting Firms are Taking Advantage of Digital Disruption to Drive Growth through Efficiency

State of the Accounting Services Industry The Professional Services sector — including accounting — is a $250 billion industry. It’s an immense industry and it’s growing. But it’s about to be disrupted. According to IBISWorld, “The [Professional Services] industry is in the mature stage of its life cycle. The industry is characterized by growth in […]

The Business Case for Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or the Information Management market is experiencing rapid growth due to a “perfect storm” of events and technologies that make ECM invaluable. The influx of highly diverse content from a variety of systems and repositories points to the urgent need for companies to invest in content management to take control of […]

4 Keys To A Healthy, Future-Proof Accounting Firm Practice

A study by the American Institute of CPAs found that 92% of CPAs said they are not future-ready. What keeps accounting firm executives up at night? When it comes to the health of the business, what do they really care about? Obviously, it’s a loaded question, but there are business elements common to this sector […]

5 Ways Governmeent Can Future-proof Operations With Intelligent Information Management

The Status Quo Managing information effectively is crucial to good government. Various standards and regulations on a national, state and local level are in place to articulate and enforce good information and records management practices. Government agencies across Australia and New Zealand must comply with these regulations. However, despite best efforts, managing information effectively can […]

9 Records Management Challenges Solved For Government Agencies Through Intelligent Information Management

Our documents can be in so many different folders, drives and systems – we don’t know where to look. Solution One central repository connecting documents from all systems = one place to look! Access, store and manage documents from network folders, CRM, SharePoint, ERP — and other systems in use. View all your relevant documents, […]

2 Vital Keys To Remaining Competitive For Professional Services Firms

Why do Professional Services Firms need to embrace the new economy? As Tim ’Reilly wrote in his recent bestseller WTF?: What’s the Future and Why It’s Up to Us, the new economy’s business model relies upon on-demand services and access to talent, automation, and an incredible user experience. Tech companies typically already function within this […]