Co-Authoring Documents in M-Files

It’s easy to collaborate on a document with your team with the co-authoring document feature in M-Files.

Send co-authoring links to other team members, so they can check out the document and work on it, making collaborating easy.

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Co-Authoring in M-Files

John and Kim work for a software company.  They’re working on a big RFP that’s due tomorrow and there are still a few items that haven’t been completed.  Andy has some questions about the company’s IT and password policies.   John needs to finalize his description of the software solution and Kim needs to complete the deliverables section before it can be sent.  M-Files enables teams and workgroups to edit files seamlessly and simultaneously.  Andy just checks the document out for co-authoring and emails the link to John and Kim.  John makes his edits.  Kim can edit the document directly from her iPad and John can forward the link to the legal team, so they can look everything over.  Multiple people can make changes to the document simultaneously and it’s easy to see who is editing and what they’re doing.  Once all the edits are finalized, Andy checks the document back in and sends it to the customer with plenty of time to spare.  Stop waiting and start doing simplified real-time document collaboration.  It’s just one of the ways you can experience the magic of M-Files.

For more information on how co-authoring in M-Files works, watch the video below:

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