Automatic Document Permissions

It’s important to keep your company documents safe whilst ensuring that everyone who needs the ability to access and edit documents and has the correct permissions.

Our Document Management System, M-Files provides unlimited control over any type of content whilst keeping things simple with the ability to assign permissions based on the nature of the document, rather than where it is stored. This assists you in freeing up IT resources with automatic permissions.

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M-Files Automatic Permissions

It’s important to keep your content safe while making sure that everyone in your company has access to the files and information they need a lot of time.  That means controlling access to a folder but what if the documents inside that folder need to have different permissions.  What if some documents need to reside in multiple folders at the same time.  M-Files provides unlimited control over any type of content while keeping things simple. That’s because permissions can be assigned based on what something is, instead of where it’s stored.  Andy just hired John to work for his company.  After John signs his employment agreement, Andy

saves it to M-Files.  John is tagged as the employee, and because permissions are automatically set based on John’s role in the company, Tina and Kim and HR have full access to all employment agreements.  I can view all his subordinates’ agreements and John can view his agreement at any time.

Spend less time managing complex IT policies because permissions are set automatically and

Dynamically.  Even if there are changes to organizational structure, like when Andy gets transferred to run another division, Sam is promoted to manager and Chris joins the HR team, everyone’s access permissions are updated automatically based on their current role giving

control back to the responsible business manager while freeing up IT resources.  Stay secure, manage access and keep it simple.  It’s just one of the ways you can experience the magic of M-Files.

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