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We have solved the problem of managing, finding and tracking documents. With our simple to use, fast and effect DMS, document retrieval, control and management will increase office productivity dramatically.
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Increase office productivity

Fast searching and document retrieval provides instant access to all of your information and files. Have the document, record or content you need right now. Plus the associated contact details to complete the task, this is a easy to use document management system.

Hosted in the cloud or on the office server

M-Files can be hosted on the office server or deployed over the wide area network. If you prefer, it can be hosted on an existing cloud or the M-Files cloud with Microsoft Azure. Access all your files via any mobile device using the M-Files apps.

Built in CRM with Workflows

How often do you need client information so you can action a document? With integration into your existing client database all of the associated client information is available right next to the document. Document workflow is simple with M-Files. Customise workflows and assignments to organise day to day tasks so nothing gets missed.

Looks and feels like Windows Explorer

Unlike other document management applications, our DMS has a familiar look and feel. This makes using our DMS, M-files, a breeze from day one. There is also seamless integration across Microsoft Office, making records management simple.

Reduce overheads and stress

By taking advantage of our DMS, many overheads are reduced. Tasks like document scanning and document sharing become a breeze. Reduce staff stress levels so you can focus on completing the important work.

What Document Management System does Ellyard Enterprises offer?

We use M-Files©, innovative document management software (DMS). M-Files has solved the problem of managing, finding, tracking and controlling documents. Storing and finding files, records and content is so easy, that's why we offer M-Files as our chosen DMS solution.

We've spent over 17 years immersed in the business industry. We discovered the most efficient and easy to use file management system is M-Files. Plus, Independent Research Firms have named M-Files a leader in Enterprise Content Management .

A simple to use, effective document management solution will seriously increase productivity . In fact, you could save an hour per person, per day by reducing time spent looking for documents!

We can streamline your day to day information needs, with our software and training. We're so confident you'll love M-Files, we offer a free trial for 30 days.

Screen shot our M-Files Document Management System

How does M-Files DMS make document retrieval faster and increase productivity?

Easy! Add documents, files and emails to the vault. Then, add a category, description and some keywords (optional).

Once saved, the document now has metadata. To find a document, search for it using keywords, a list of search results will appear, like Google. M-Files searches in the description, keywords and even in the document content.

Search results are always relevant to the document you're looking for! Plus, searching for information in M-Files is super-fast.

Decreasing staff time spent looking for documents will increase productivity. M-Files also has version control, so there is never duplicate documents. And important information is not overwritten.

The right people always get the right information with M-Files regulations and standards. The DMS enforces compliance controls without complex compliance management. It's easy to organise, manage and track every quality document, process and task.

Choosing a document management system shouldn’t be hard

Is M-Files the best document management system?

Is M-Files the best Document management software for our business?

We’re convinced M-Files will adapt to whatever industry you're in. We can completely tailor our DMS to suit your requirements. So you can take control of the electronic clutter. With a host of features we have every industry covered. The M-Files system will streamline your document management processes.

edms for small businesses

Is a entreprise document management solution okay for small businesses?

At Ellyard Enterprises, we’ve implemented our DMS to suit over 100+ businesses. From small firms with 3-4 staff to large companies. We ensure our DMS solution is perfect for you, and we work meticulously with every single client. We know that every business is different, so we have different pricing models based on your needs.

free dms vs paid dms

Is M-Files better than free document management software?

Free cloud-based file sharing services have a certain appeal. But they never meet the functionality of a document management system like M-Files. Generally 'freemium' DMS solutions lack security, regulatory and business processes. If it’s free, you run the risk of getting something that doesn’t do the things you need, either now or in the future. Learn more

Our Document Management System is trusted by our clients

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Testimonial by  from
Sean Sandford Mortons - Urban Solutions

During our recent QA Certification and Accreditation process it became very clear that the power of M-Files could provide us with the ability to ensure that all documentation both leaving from and arriving into the office could be controlled in such a way to enable the document retrieval for Quality auditing extremely streamlined and efficient.

Furthermore the control of our QA Documents through M-Files has enabled us to manage and control system documentation in a way that provides users with the necessary access while tracking changes and being able to easily input the relevant details into the appropriate forms, checklists and reports. M-Files has enabled us to better control the system documents needed for audit control, monitoring and storage, improving the way we are able to operate the QA System.

Finally, through the workflow process within M-Files we have been able to assign tasks and function to staff members required by our QA procedures which ensure that the necessary documentation is being undertaken for the ongoing implementation of our QA procedures.

Karen and her team have provided excellent support and worked with us through the whole QA implementation process.

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