Integrations for M-Files

M-Files is based on a SQL database (it comes with it’s own instance of firebird SQL). Being a SQL
database there is the ability to link with other databases that your company already has in place.
Most of our clients have a CRM, ERP or accounting system that contains ‘metadata’ E.G. client name,
address, email address, phone number etc. Instead of having to recreate each of these clients with
all their metadata in M-Files we can link to these existing SQL databases. This is a great time saver
and also means that when you set up a new client or change an existing clients’ information that this
is then replicated in M-Files. It gives you one point of truth. There are times when the database
‘view’ is not available to live link to and in these cases we can either do a one off import (from a csv
file) or if the database in question can export the required database view to an accessible folder then
M-Files can ‘poll’ that file for changes. Please contact us for additional details and recommendations
for your specific situation