E-filing and what it means for you?

Most businesses have a filing cabinet of some sort more often they have whole rooms or sheds dedicated to storing paper based documents, E-filing means the end of this.

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Most businesses have a filing cabinet of some sort more often they have whole rooms or sheds dedicated to storing paper based documents.

E-filing means the end of this, because most businesses know that paper based filing is simply not efficient but because there was no alternative it simply had to be done. Well of course this is no longer the case; using M-Files to allow you to save everything via E-filing means its no longer necessary to have filing cabinets taking up large amounts of space within your office but more importantly its no longer necessary to deal with the major flaws when it comes to a paper based filing system such as loss of documents, inefficient locating of documents and filing, version control and compliance these are just some of the many issues that clients all over the world experience within a paper based environment.

Going Paperless

What hardware do I need for an electronic filing system?

M-files requires very little to run surprisingly we have never come across a client that did not have sufficient equipment to run the electronic filing system as long as your server/PC is not giving you problems now then I expect it will continue to stay that way. Because of the way M-files works often it frees up a lot of space on your Server/Pc as you no longer have large amount of duplication and version control taking up valuable space and processing power. This is of course assuming you are using your server.

If you decided like many of our clients to have your electronic filing system on the M-Files cloud then all that matters is your internet connection and these days with the NBN on its way and significantly faster ADSL speeds its not often we find speed an issue.

Office filing system driving you mad?

Most employees in organisations that lack a proper office filing system say there biggest day to day struggle is finding and filing of documents, more often these concerns may not have been raised to management or the owners as they believe nothing can be done. The management team and owners often are less involved in the office filing system may not even realise there is a problem.

It is because of this that often its only once the problem becomes major that something is done about it. Don’t let your employees suffer in silence sort out your office filing system now.

What is e filing?

E filing a term used to describe Electronic Filing and basically means anything that is e filed has been placed on a pc/server or even a cloud environment. This frees up paper in an office and improves the speed in which these documents are filed and found. E filing is essentially the best way to move forward in any organisation.

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We know that a visual demonstration is the best way to show you the benefits of our document management software. We have put together custom demonstrations specific to various industries listed below.

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