What is a DMS?

A DMS system is in place to help the user file documents and then find those same documents along with many other major benefits e.g., version control, workflows and more.

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Is a scanning solution the same as a DMS System?

A common misconception we come across is that people believe that when they are using something like a scanning or capture solution that this is the same as a DMS System this is almost never the case as they are entirely different things. A DMS system is in place to help the user file documents and then find those same documents along with many other major benefits e.g., version control, workflows.

A Capture or scanning solution is exactly that it is what assists you in bringing those documents into your system the next problem is of course now deciding where they need to go and how they will be managed. The great thing is M-files can integrate with your current capture and scanning solutions and would be a great add on alongside the M-files system. Meaning if you are like many of our other clients that have a capture or scanning solution in place then you are already on your way and M-files is the final and most important piece of that puzzle.

DMS System

What is a DMS? Document Management Software

Not all DMS systems are the same, what is the difference?

DMS means Document Management Software. Not all DMS solutions are equal in fact it is not uncommon for this phrase to be used out of context, often scenarios where clients have documents saved in the cloud using various products are under the impression this is a DMS, it is not. Most cloud systems that are offered free or at low cost are simply a DSS or document storage solution not a DMS. DMS normally has features that not only assist in the filing and finding of documents but also how those documents are actually used; for example workflows, assignments, annotations, version control, email management, security and restrictions, compliance and much, much more. M-Files is what we consider a full blown DMS containing all of these features and more. On average M-Files will save the user around an one hour per person per day and this is because a large amount of what you are using these documents for is done within seconds not minutes, no more searching for lost documents, no more scrolling through various versions of the same document it is all managed automatically and without human error. Now is the time to stop using a filing system and start using a real DMS.

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We know that a visual demonstration is the best way to show you the benefits of our document management software. We have put together custom demonstrations specific to various industries listed below.

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Karen is so awesome! She has inspired me to create an AMAZING M-Files.

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