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Ellyard Enterprises is a consulting firm specialising in products and services that enhance workplace productivity. We specialise in tailored solutions for efficient digital document and content management using the M-Files platform, a renowned content management system trusted by clients in over 100 countries.

Our mission is to make organisations across a wide variety of sectors more economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable. We are passionate about making real, positive differences to individuals and their organisations.

By leveraging the M-Files platform, we help organisations achieve a true paperless operating environment. We enhance knowledge workers’ lives by helping achieve greater productivity and an enhanced work-life balance.

We have a proud history of working collaboratively with our clients to optimise their M-Files solution. Over the past 23 years we have successfully implemented hundreds of document management software solutions. We also pride ourselves on supporting our clients through comprehensive post-implementation customisation and training services.

The team at Ellyard Enterprises looks forward to guiding you through a customised pathway to unprecedented workplace productivity. We would be pleased to provide you with a no-cost consultation to discuss how M-Files can transform your work practices for the better. Please contact us for details.

Meet the Team

Account Management and Sales

Rowena Lamont
A Director at Ellyard Enterprises, Rowena Lamont is a customer service specialist with strong communication and problem-solving skills which enable her to tailor innovative business solutions. Rowena holds a Bachelor of Policing and has a diverse range of career experience in public service roles. Rowena served as a Detective in the New South Wales Police Force (NSWPF), including secondments into specialist teams where she gained extensive insights into security-related aspects of IT systems. Rowena has also worked in compliance roles within local government. Rowena is a skilled communicator and through her investigative background, pays great attention to detail. With her lateral thinking skills and corporate knowledge, Rowena has a strong sense for understanding client needs and looks forward to helping your organisation turbocharge its productivity with an M-Files solution. On a personal note, Rowena loves running and spending time at the beach. Rowena can be reached on 0402 441 938 or

Project Management, Support and Training Specialists

Matthew Lamont
Matthew is a Director at Ellyard Enterprises. Matt has a diverse career history spanning hospitality, tourism, government, management consulting, and academia. Matt holds a PhD in management and is a multi-award-winning tertiary educator. Prior to commencing at Ellyard Enterprises, Matt worked in government social policy and spent 17 years lecturing in university business schools in the fields of tourism management and strategic planning. Matt has extensive experience in corporate environments utilising a broad range of IT systems and working effectively with diverse internal and external stakeholders. Matt’s expertise in adult learning, business strategy, project management and corporate IT systems are assets in ensuring clients at Ellyard Enterprises are well-supported in maximising benefits from their M-Files document management system. Outside of work, Matt is a proud dad to two daughters and a competitive triathlete with multiple age category state titles to his name. Matthew can be reached on 0421 554 934 or

Technical Services

Leo Bonfiglio
Leo is our IT specialist and brings 32 years of experience. Leo is a Certified M-Files Solution Provider with extensive experience across all business IT needs. Not only is Leo very technically proficient, he is a great communicator able to skilfully converse between IT technical jargon and end user language. Leo bridges this gap to ensure that technical aspects of M-Files are implemented accurately and that our clients are well-supported. On a personal note, Leo enjoys walks in the park and is a keen Formula One fan. Leo can be reached at

Our Document Management System is trusted by our clients

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Testimonial by  from
Sean Sandford Mortons - Urban Solutions

During our recent QA Certification and Accreditation process it became very clear that the power of M-Files could provide us with the ability to ensure that all documentation both leaving from and arriving into the office could be controlled in such a way to enable the document retrieval for Quality auditing extremely streamlined and efficient.

Furthermore the control of our QA Documents through M-Files has enabled us to manage and control system documentation in a way that provides users with the necessary access while tracking changes and being able to easily input the relevant details into the appropriate forms, checklists and reports. M-Files has enabled us to better control the system documents needed for audit control, monitoring and storage, improving the way we are able to operate the QA System.

Finally, through the workflow process within M-Files we have been able to assign tasks and function to staff members required by our QA procedures which ensure that the necessary documentation is being undertaken for the ongoing implementation of our QA procedures.

Karen and her team have provided excellent support and worked with us through the whole QA implementation process.

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