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How important is it to be compliant?

Staying on top of compliance requirements and having information required at your fingertips are just a couple of the benefits you will see in M-Files.

Documents required for compliance can be set to automatically autofill information saving you time in their creation. Automatic naming conventions are also easy and popular.

With M-Files version control, audit trails are readily visible for auditors showing what changes a document has gone through and who made those changes. You can even roll back to earlier versions if required.

Design and project management made easy

M-Files can manage workflows so you can see just want is happening on a project and who is handling each step. Ensure that steps don’t get missed and have reminders automatically sent so deadlines are met.

Would you like to instantly know what step each job is up to and what needs to be done? M-Files takes the hassle and the guess work out of managing projects. See in an instant what tasks for a job are completed and who did the work.

This is all reportable so you can see an overview of all stages within a project and where they are up to.


Information retention for now and the future

Handling CAD files can be a problem, due to their size and multiple x-refs. M-Files integrates with AutoCAD and using its version control only saves the binary changes to a document, freeing up huge amounts of storage space to meet version control requirements.

M-Files also integrates and works with Leap and Latitude just to name a few, helping you streamline processes and save time.

By having a one stop shop for all information and knowledge; automated assignments and detailed workflows will be created by one of our experts who in turn will teach you how to manage and create new ones as the needs arise (we are always on hand if you need some help).

These automated processes are controlled and based on security to ensure the right business process is being completed in a timely fashion.
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Our Document Management System is trusted by our clients

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Jemma O'Neill Cradle Coast Authority

Karen is so awesome! She has inspired me to create an AMAZING M-Files.

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