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Education is such a complex business. Unlike an industry specific business like manufacturing, education is a great many businesses rolled into one. You must manage students, parents, faculty members through to general administration, catering events, fund raising etc. There are so many areas and each has its own document management challenges from basic records keeping; document version control; retention policies; document collaboration and the big one – workflow management of all this information as it passes from one business unit to the next. Almost makes you want to retire early. What if this could be simplified so you can get back to the most important business of teaching? M-Files could be your answer. A simple to use electronic document management system that captures all information, paper or electronic in origin, in a quicker and easier manner than you do today. From there then being able to find anything you want and by anyway that makes sense to you. What if you could google your school’s knowledge base? If you wanted to know what time the sunsets tonight you would perform a google search where you would type in sunset time and your location. There is no need for you to know that the answer received was from a spreadsheet 20 folders deep on a server in Darwin, you just google the question and get your answer. M-Files works the same way, just ask in plain English what it is you want and the answer is instantly displayed. Search Telstra invoice and they are all displaying date order. Search Mr Jones leave and see his leave application form. Search for a parent’s name and see who their children are (or vice versa). This all boils down to no more telephone tag, a great time saver.

Where is that student’s folder?

Something that you won’t hear again as everything you need is available instantly. The whole system has extensive security setting so only the authorised person can see what they are allowed to see. Editable rights are also set so some get to annotate, edit, delete and others get read-only rights. M-Files also integrates in with TASS and other management software so you only have 1 database to maintain.

Why is it not where it should be?

Another challenge we often see if misfiled information. Where I think it should be stored and how it should be named is often different to your approach. We are both right but is becomes difficult to share information and often we give up and have to create the document again, a terrible waste of resources. With M-Files these rules are set and managed within the software. This means all information and knowledge is captured in a universal way. One system, one method and one great result every time.

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Jemma O'Neill Cradle Coast Authority

Karen is so awesome! She has inspired me to create an AMAZING M-Files.

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