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Document management solution designed for accountants

Document management solution designed for mortgage brokers

Mortgage brokers deal with vast amounts of data each day. The work you do is critical and mistakes are rarely tolerated. Everything must be completed accurately and on time

When you consider that the information you use comes in many forms, from emails, to paper, to Word and Excel documents to reports generated by your accounting software. It often means you have information all over the place.

You have deadlines to meet and the pressure rises as you try to meet client demands and expectations.

What if everything you wanted was available at your fingertips the moment you needed it. As if the file was open to the required page on your desk within moments?

This is the reality of using M-Files as your total information management solution.

It not only creates ‘one point of truth’ for all your knowledge, it also manages and simplifies the way that it passes across your desk.

You can achieve a paper-less office at your company

A paper-less office can be your reality. There are always going to be practical needs like writing on planning papers if you like to work this way. However, there is no need to file and re-file these documents time and time again.

It can now all be stored and accessed from M-Files and then the few pages you need to write on can be produced.

There is so much time wasted on manual document management processes, let’s use the technology at hand to increase productivity dramatically and reduce stress levels. You may even get to go to lunch on time. Cloud document management software is the key

Document management solution designed for accountants

A one stop shop for all of your information management needs

Electronic filing of all information coming in and out of the business will produce great results in and of itself.

M-Files is not just a smart way to find and file but it also has automatic version control; document collaboration tools, assignments and workflows to replace manual in-trays.

Mortgage brokers find that the real benefits are realised when we automate the way this information is tracked and managed.

Client queries can now be answered on the spot.

Being a SQL database we can also link in directly to your client databases which means that the phone number you need is with the document so you can action that follow up without having to go to two places to firstly gather the document and then the phone number.

Click on one of the buttons below to get a free trial or an instant quote. As mortgage brokers you will be impressed with the small outlay and ease of use.

Our Document Management System is trusted by our clients

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Jemma O'Neill Cradle Coast Authority

Karen is so awesome! She has inspired me to create an AMAZING M-Files.

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