Outlook Integration in M-Files

We receive a lot of email every day, and a lot of those emails can have important attachments such as proposals, orders, contracts and other important documents. These documents need to be accessible to you and also, other members of your team, which means that keeping a lot of these important documents inside your inbox can make it difficult to get important tasks done.

M-Files integrates seamlessly with Microsoft outlook, easily saving emails and attachments to the vault.

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Outlook Integration in M-Files

The average person sends and receives a hundred and five emails every single day.  A lot of those emails have attachments like proposals orders contracts and other important documents.  Documents that need to be accessible to you your co-workers and your customers.  Keeping those important documents inside outlook doesn’t do anyone any good.  Neither does saving it to your computer and determining which folder to save them to on a cluttered shared server is difficult.  M-Files integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook.  Saving emails and attachments to the vault is as simple as dragging and dropping.  Intelligent M-Files outlook folders categorize the document based on what it is so that order you just received is automatically identified categorized and saved without having to enter a single thing.  It’s M-Files and outlook doing great things together and it’s just one of the ways you can experience the magic of M-Files.

For more information on how to integrate Outlook in M-Files, watch the video below:

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