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M-Files makes it easy to access documents when you’re offline, meaning that you’re able to access them no matter where you are.

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Offline Availability in M-Files

Accessing important documents and information no matter where you are is vital.  What if Wi-Fi isn’t available or you can’t connect to your VPN.  One approach is to manually copy the files you need to your desktop but remembering to move the documents you’ve updated back to the company drive is a challenge.  Another approach is to synchronize certain network folders for offline access but that’s a slow and error-prone process and if the document you need wasn’t saved to a certain folder you’re out of luck.  M-Files knows exactly which content you need on-the-go, based on what it is instead of where it’s saved so if you need access to a specific customers files, just mark them for offline availability and every current or future document related to that customer is automatically available offline.  Do the same thing for projects or any document you’ve accessed in the last 30 days.  Specific files can also be marked for offline availability manually.  You need to save a new document to M-Files while you are offline?  No problem just save it as you normally would and all of the content metadata and even access permissions are automatically synchronized as soon as you’re back online, and just in case someone else made changes to a document you updated offline, you’re notified of the conflict and can resolve it immediately because being offline doesn’t have to mean being disconnected.  Offline availability it’s just one of the ways you can experience the magic of M-Files.

For more information on how to access documents offline, watch the video below:

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