Dynamic Views in M-Files

Using the standard method of organising documents, it’s difficult to organise them so that they’re easily accessible to anyone. M-Files organises information by what it is, rather than where it’s stored. This means that once a document is saved, the user simply enters a few pieces of information about what the document is. When it needs to be accessed in the future, it can be found by these various pieces of information, rather than digging through folders.

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Dynamic Views in M-Files

This is Andy.  Andy works for a company that makes hearing aids.  He’s trying to figure out where to store a new proposal he created.  The most common way to organize documents is by saving to folders, but how is Andy supposed to know where to save his proposal so that anyone can access it later.  By customer, the specific project or maybe in the general sales folder.  Using the standard method, it’s difficult to organize your documents so they’re easily accessible to anyone.  M-Files organizes information by what it is, instead of where it’s stored.  Andy simply saves the document to the M-Files vault and there’s a few pieces of information about what it is like, the fact that it’s a proposal, the customer and any other important information.  Once it’s saved that one, always up-to-date document, can automatically be organized with dynamic views.  You can view the content by customer, project and more.

It’s also easy for Andy to create dynamic views on the fly.  Creating a view that shows proposals organized by date only requires entering the document class proposals, which will be grouped by year and month to instantly accessible virtual folders.  You can add columns to show any important information and sort the results with a single click.  Because dynamic views can be organized in very different ways and you can set one up that shows all his active proposals, while Andy’s manager, John, can view active proposals by all his sales reps and a project manager can view any documents related to this project.  That way everyone involved can find and access the documents in the way that’s most natural for them.  Because finding something based on what it is, is much easier than trying to remember where someone saved it, it’s simple and dynamic and it’s just one of the ways you can experience the magic of M-Files.

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