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Save time and ensure that important documents don’t get lost with the desktop scanning and OCR feature in M-Files. Scan physical documents and automatically make them searchable with the OCR technology built into M-Files.

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Desktop Scanning & OCR in M-Files

John just hired Alex to be a new sales rep. He needs to save a signed copy of the employment agreement to the M-Files vault. Because M-Files works with any desktop scanner, John connects his via USB and selects scan new document. M-Files automatically prompts for the OCR option to make the documents contents searchable and John quickly tags it as an employment agreement for Alex. It’s immediately saved to the vault with automatic permissions and the entire document is searchable. Scan it, store it and let M-Files do the rest. It’s just one of the ways you can experience the magic of M-Files.

For more information on how the desktop scanning feature works, watch the video below:

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Sean Sandford Mortons - Urban Solutions

During our recent QA Certification and Accreditation process it became very clear that the power of M-Files could provide us with the ability to ensure that all documentation both leaving from and arriving into the office could be controlled in such a way to enable the document retrieval for Quality auditing extremely streamlined and efficient.

Furthermore the control of our QA Documents through M-Files has enabled us to manage and control system documentation in a way that provides users with the necessary access while tracking changes and being able to easily input the relevant details into the appropriate forms, checklists and reports. M-Files has enabled us to better control the system documents needed for audit control, monitoring and storage, improving the way we are able to operate the QA System.

Finally, through the workflow process within M-Files we have been able to assign tasks and function to staff members required by our QA procedures which ensure that the necessary documentation is being undertaken for the ongoing implementation of our QA procedures.

Karen and her team have provided excellent support and worked with us through the whole QA implementation process.

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