Today’s Biggest Challenges in the Professional Services Industry (and How to Solve them)

As businesses embrace the digital revolution, serving a larger base of customers and performing simple tasks should become more efficient. However, going digital has its own set of challenges that require a unique set of solutions. In a previous blog post, Peter Ellyard mentioned how digital transformation requires putting a greater focus on effective information management, in addition to the other factors that we will explore below. Here at M-Files, ensuring that teams are fully supported as they make this transition is the key to future success. 

Improving Team Collaboration

As remote working is rising in popularity, ensuring that teams work effectively no matter where they are can be a difficult task. This is where an information management platform like M-Files comes in. It enables all collaborators to work together on one single version of a document, with useful annotation and co-authoring features. It’s easy to visualize who’s making changes where and when. In addition, The World Economic Forum emphasizes how planning a return to the physical workspace will require some fine-tuning and flexibility. Considering whether certain employees may need to continue to work remotely is vital but having an online system already in place can make the transition much smoother. 

Adjusting to Remote Work

With the massive amounts of information that businesses need to process on a daily basis, having a centralized solution like M-Files can simplify manual tasks for remote workers. You can even set intelligent notifications, assignments, and version control capabilities for specific individuals. However, employees can quickly get drained from the pressure of getting constant notifications if they’re working remotely. To give them some breathing room, Verizon Connect recommends letting them choose a time of day when they can distance themselves from distractions and switch to airplane mode. This way, they’ll be able to unwind without the constant pressure to reply to messages, leaving them recharged and ready for the new work week. 

Promoting Effective Data-Keeping

If your business has remote workers who work in different time zones and even speak different languages, saving files and searching for information may be a time-consuming task. However, M-Files has the ability to manually sort files with meta-data, and can even use AI-driven automation to ensure this happens automatically. This means that files can be located in a matter of seconds, even if it isn’t named properly. Furthermore, Business News Daily mentions how implementing multifactor authentication can help secure your data and keep your files protected from unauthorized personnel. 

Boosting Customer Experience

These days, providing optimal customer service experience is the key to growing your brand and cultivating positive experiences. M-Files comes in handy by providing easy access to customer data if they have a concern. These files can be accessed remotely so that the problem or issue can be dealt with as quickly as possible. Business Insider suggests taking the time to see what customers need in a post-pandemic space can lead to greater insights regarding promotions and areas of improvement. They recommend asking straightforward questions, and listening to and executing the relevant changes. 

Maximizing Revenue

These days, many businesses insist on clinging to paper-based processes even though they’re outdated and take up way too much space. Instead of having to spend money on printer ink and reams of paper, M-Files enables you to eliminate paper altogether. For instance, users can digitize important documents in seconds and automatically scan them for important information. To add to this, The World Counts describes how 50% of business waste is composed of paper, which has detrimental impacts on the environment as well. By shifting to digital, you’ll be able to maximize office space and improve your bottom line.

When it comes down to it, preparing your business to face some of the largest challenges in the industry involves staying one step ahead of your competition and locating areas of improvement. Whether it’s improving your capacity for remote work, minimizing the use of paper, or emphasizing the welfare of both customers and employees, M-Files provides an integrated platform that solves all of these issues.

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