Time Inefficiency – The Biggest Killer for Business

The Biggest Killer To Small To Medium Business Is Time Inefficiencies

Let me explain the challenges and the solution:
As a productivity expert for over 20 years I have found that there is so much time wasted each day due to inefficient information management. In Australia we have some of the longest weekly working hours, there is never enough time and many work unpaid overtime or work after hours from home to get work completed, or close to completed. This is making for a very unhappy workforce which affects our bottom lines.

All day, every day for those of us working in offices for small to medium businesses we are dealing with information and knowledge.
Information: Emails, PDF’s, Word, Excel, AutoCAD, video’s, images, paper files, etc.
Knowledge: Status of job; contact details like email addresses or phone numbers; invoice approval status; project management; etc.

We usually need to access 50-100 pieces of information and knowledge each day and are having to work longer to deal with the sheer amount that comes across our desks

To compound the issue this information and knowledge is all over the place, some in Outlook, some in CRM’s, ERP’s, filing cabinets, server drives and the cloud. It was put there by different staff with different opinions to everyone one else on where and how it should be named.

Each staff member wastes an hour each day dealing with information, so they can do their work. Staff find this a painful part of their day and enthusiasm for their work wanes

Instead of working harder, what if we all worked smarter?

Happier and less stressed staff are given the opportunity to excel and become invested in their role within the business.

Solving this major issue should be the No 1. project for your business right now. I see so many businesses prioritise the urgent and forget to work on the root cause of the issue. Now is the time.

What if you and all staff could find what you need in moments instead of minutes? For the 50-100 pieces of information and knowledge you need each day. You would increase productivity by and hour per person, per day. An incredible result.

Putting in a Document Management System (DMS) as part of a photocopier upgrade just won’t cut it nor will buying such an important productivity solution from an IT company as a bolt on to your new server. It is far too important and needs to be handled by productivity consultants who specialise in these systems.

The two most important things to consider when going down this path:

The Right Solution For Time Inefficiency:

There are so many systems out there and it is hard to know what the right solution is. Do research, see reviews, look for a proven track record. I always find it amusing when a client emails us and I respond within minutes, they always say ‘wow, that was fast’ and I always say that as productivity specialists that if I am not organised enough to respond quickly then we are not the people to speak with. It seems many sellers of these systems are not efficient themselves. I find this a good filter.

The Right Partner:

The right piece of software is only part of the process. You must partner with the right business who only focuses on these systems. A copier supplier or an IT supplier can only offer these systems as a bolt on because it is not their core business. A jack of all trades is happy to sell it, but if you want a long-term relationship with experts then choose wisely.

The Right Trainer:

Karen has been a productivity consultant for over 20 years and has extensive knowledge of M-Files and associated document management solutions. Karen is a skilled analyst and problem solver dedicated to finding elegant solutions to complex problems and prides herself on her determination, strong communication skills and her knowledge of client needs. Flexible and responsive to change, with good lateral thinking ability and intuition, Karen has been using her ability to train all types of personalities for over 20 years. Karen’s attention to detail has demonstrated her strong organisational abilities and development of office procedures and procedure manuals, delivery of procedural consulting, project management, training, and education.

Karen’s excellent leadership and communication skills compliment her commitment to professional excellence.

With her willingness to exceed all expectations, Karen is sure to meet your implementation and training needs.

If you are ready to work on your business instead of simply in it please let us know. For more information on how we can help your organisation please email: peter@documentmanagementsoftware.com.au or visit www.documentmanagementsoftware.com.au

Peter Ellyard

Having spent over 20 years immersed in the document management software industry I have found that by offering a simple to use, highly effective electronic document management solution (knowledge management software) we increase productivity dramatically. Typically by an hour per person, per day! This is not rocket science, just a simple way to streamline your day to day information needs.