M-Files Honoured for International Success and Growth by the President of Finland

M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, today announced the company received the Internationalization Award of the President of the Republic of Finland for its outstanding success in expanding its business from Finland to become a truly global operation with extensive international growth. 

The Internationalization Award of the President of the Republic of Finland was founded as an initiative of the Association for Finnish Work in 1967 and is one of the most prestigious business awards in Finland. Each year, Team Finland’s Board of Directors propose a selective small set of companies and communities to the President for this award. 

M-Files received the Internationalization Award for the tremendous success in the international expansion of M-Files from a Finnish software company to an international operation with hundreds of employees in Europe, North America and Asia. Today, most of the company’s revenue comes from outside Finland. Thousands of organizations in more than 100 countries worldwide use M-Files to manage their business information and processes in an intelligent way. They are supported by more than 600 M-Files partners, providing a truly global network of support and trust. 

“As we are living in a digital world now, with the amount of digital information, files and documents growing, information management is becoming more and more difficult,” says Pekka Soini, CEO of Business Finland and member of the Team Finland Board of Directors. “With the M-Files intelligent information management solutions supported by artificial intelligence, information can be found more easily. This will improve productivity and job satisfaction of the users. Thanks to its innovative solutions, M-Files Oy is the leading company in software exports in Finland and they have the courage to grow even further.” 

“The President’s Internationalization Award is testament to our momentous growth and worldwide success. We are honoured to receive this prestigious recognition and will continue to put Finland on the map as a nation of technological innovation,” says Miika Mäkitalo, CEO at M-Files Corporation. “The award encourages us to grow and expand even further in our mission to change the way the world manages information. I believe that the current success of M-Files is only a prelude to what we can achieve.” 

The Internationalization Award is the latest milestone that marks the momentum M-Files has achieved in 2018. M-Files grew revenue by more than 37 percent in 2017 over 2016, including strong growth in its global partner network. The company also achieved a 121 percent increase in cloud revenue in 2017, which was heavily fuelled by international business. M-Files sustained cumulative revenue growth of more than 2,500 percent over the last eight years. In addition, M-Files received EUR 27 million from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to support this international growth, partner channel expansion and acceleration of R&D. Most recently, Gartner recognized M-Files as a Visionary in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms, as well as a leader in five categories of Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Content Services Platforms report. 

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Peter Ellyard

Having spent over 20 years immersed in the document management software industry I have found that by offering a simple to use, highly effective electronic document management solution (knowledge management software) we increase productivity dramatically. Typically by an hour per person, per day! This is not rocket science, just a simple way to streamline your day to day information needs.