M-files For Google G Suite

M-Files for Google G Suite allows you to collaborate efficiently and securely with familiar G Suite applications. It connects Gmail and Google Drive content with other documents and data, giving users the benefit of intelligent metadata and workflows. You gain a secure and easy system of record for document lifecycle management.

Automate Document Control And Processes

Enhance compliance with industry regulations and streamline processes with automatic version control, automatic document permissions and workflows and assignments. M-Files also supports Google authentication for single sign-on between G Suite and M-Files.

Connect Data Repositories, Business Systems, And Email

M-Files for G Suite breaks down the data siloes and brings together all enterprise data from data repositories like Google Drive and network folders, business systems like Salesforce, and Gmail providing users fast access to all data via one UI and app – and without data migration.

Collaborate And Then Secure

M-Files provides access to all content formats through one user interface. Access content, such as files and native Google Docs always in the right context and enhance collaboration with internal and external co-authoring of files.

Archive Emails And Google Docs

Store key emails and attachment with metadata, appropriate permissions, and retention policies from Gmail to M-Files for long-term preservation and better team access. Create immutable PDF records of native Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in Google Drive.

For more information on how we can help your organisation utilise M-Files for Google please email: peter@documentmanagementsoftware.com.au or visit www.documentmanagementsoftware.com.au

Peter Ellyard

Having spent over 20 years immersed in the document management software industry I have found that by offering a simple to use, highly effective electronic document management solution (knowledge management software) we increase productivity dramatically. Typically by an hour per person, per day! This is not rocket science, just a simple way to streamline your day to day information needs.