M-Files Best Practices Applying Controlled Changes To An M-Files System

Introduction: The Challenge Of IT System Changes A typical business IT system will be used daily for several years. During this time, there will be inevitable changes, including software version updates, end users switching devices, mitigating new security threats, and modifications to the existing system use to meet new business requirements. However, changing anything about […]

M-Files and AIIM Reveals Frequency of Information Security Breaches

Respondents Point to Unsecured Network File Folders as the Biggest Vulnerability Point Leading to Unauthorized Disclosure of Confidential Information DALLAS, TX, August 17, 2016: M-Files Corporation, a provider of solutions that dramatically improve how businesses manage documents and other information, today announced the findings from a joint survey conducted with The Association for Information and […]

M-Files Partners with Esri to Integrate Global Smart-Mapping Technology with Intelligent Information Management Platform

Partnership between M-Files and GIS-based Mapping Software Leader Enables Smart, “In Context” Access to Documents and Other Information Directly within the ArcGIS User Interface. DALLAS and REDLANDS, Calif – July 11, 2017: M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, today announced a partnership with Esri, the global leader in smart-mapping, to integrate Esri ArcGIS mapping […]

Streamlining HR Processes Using Enterprise Information Management

Organisations today are inundated with an ever-expanding amount of information. Whether it’s content created internally or documents and files received from customers, partners and suppliers, many companies are drowning in a sea of information that grows bigger and bigger each day. In particular, the HR department must manage a large volume and variety of information […]

Why M-Files?

Why M-Files Improve productivity, responsiveness and collaboration A dramatically faster and simpler way to manage information Increase efficiency with a unified platform for accessing information that resides in various business systems and locations Improve productivity and responsiveness by giving employees instant access to the documents and other information they need to do their job, when […]

ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT – Leverage the Power, Lose the Complexity

A fantastic eBook from M-Files. Here is a brief snippet: Ask a group of business executives about the top-three drivers for enterprise content management (ECM) software deployments, and cost reductions will often top the list. Cost reductions can only be accurately assessed, however, by considering ease of deployment and the end-user adoption rates. If an enterprise […]