9 Records Management Challenges Solved For Government Agencies Through Intelligent Information Management

Our documents can be in so many different folders, drives and systems – we don’t know where to look.


  • One central repository connecting documents from all systems = one place to look!
  • Access, store and manage documents from network folders, CRM, SharePoint, ERP — and other systems in use.
  • View all your relevant documents, and other information, in context via a 360-degree view – no matter where they are saved.

Users create duplicates to support their daily work and processes, so we never know which document is the latest version.


  • With one central repository that everyone has access to, there is no need to create duplicates. By using metadata instead of folders, the same document can appear in multiple virtual structures, eliminating the need for duplicates.
  • Duplicate detection lets you know if a document already exists.
  • Version history displays all changes made to a file and users can roll back to a previous version if needed.

Managing email correspondence and attachments are a nightmare.


  • Save emails and attachments with one click, making them searchable and accessible for others.
  • Automatic metadata helps staff easily categorise emails on the fly.
  • Workflows are automatically initiated when further processing, e.g. review and approval, is needed.

Manual tasks and processes take a lot of our time and increase risks for errors.


  • Convert your documents into searchable PDF’s so you can search for keywords inside the files. Remove the paper and streamline important processes with automated workflows.
  • Speed up signing processes with electronic signatures.
  • Use dashboards to track the status of transactional documents and processes.

Our current IT infrastructure does not support collaboration.


  • Share documents by sending a link to the original version — no more duplicates and attachments.
  • Collaborate on and co-author documents in real-time.
  • Use your daily tools, like Microsoft Teams or SharePoint, for collaborating on content with your colleagues, while maintaining control of governance and security.

Our staff are not able to work efficiently while out of the office.


  • Remote, secure access to documents with a smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere.
  • Scan records and other files from anywhere Digital workflows allow you to review, approve and e-sign documents from anywhere.

Trying to manage complex regulations and standards with paper and folders is causing errors.


  • Easily meet compliance requirements of your Agency by automating security, retention & disposal, auditability and more.
  • Automate and streamline policy & procedure management and track learning requirements with an audit trail.
  • Streamline paper-based processes and remove costly errors from the organisation.

We want to maximise the value of our legacy IT systems, not invest in new ones.


  • Connecting structured and unstructured data from all your systems into one view, without requiring massive migration projects.
  • Delivering an in-context search experience that brings results in seconds.
  • Increasing productivity with workflows and automation allow staff to focus on high-value tasks ensuring compliance and information governance is applied across your entire infrastructure.
  • Enabling users to continue to work within the tools they prefer.

Our users don’t understand the formal records management language and structures that we need to manage our records appropriately.


  • Leverage powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to support users with consistent classification.
  • Embed key business logic “behind the scenes” to ensure governance is applied without user interaction.
  • Allow users to work in the tools and structures that make sense to them and make use of rich connector and intelligence frameworks to centrally and consistently manage your content.

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Peter Ellyard

Having spent over 20 years immersed in the document management software industry I have found that by offering a simple to use, highly effective electronic document management solution (knowledge management software) we increase productivity dramatically. Typically by an hour per person, per day! This is not rocket science, just a simple way to streamline your day to day information needs.